Monday, 1 July 2013

Arriving at Geraldton

After a delayed flight (which resulted in free coffee and pizza as compensation from the airline) I am now in Geraldton. It was so lovely to see green fields and to smell wet grain flats again! I guess it just shows how long I've been in the city.

Tonight myself and the other speakers were treated to a lovely dinner by the attending Children's Charity Network rep. Whilst in a farming area, I'd highly recommend ordering a scotch fillet, else a salad of local produce. Also, go all the way and splurge on local wines. Margaret River will seldom disappoint you.

Tomorrow we will all be attending a local festival and Welcome to Country, work-shopping later with some visiting schools. I am so excited to be out working in the bush again, although the 6am wake up is a bit scary for a university student. This should be a beneficial exercise in breaking nocturnal is, though.

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