Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Record Cover Sketches of Targets Only

Did you know...

Vinyll record covers are approximately 30 x 30 cm and that grey artist linoleum is sold in the exact same size?

How convenient.

Back in 2013 I co-project managed a Grease themed valedictory for the first semester at St Catherine's College, UWA. At the Midland Good Sammy's I bought a stack of records for $1 AUD each. Promptly we destroyed them, dunking the vinyll in warm water to fold them into menu holders and decorations for the ceiling and photo booth. 

As a supply hoarding arts student I kept all of the sleeves and cut them in half. The entire of my Targets Only concertina book was drafted on these squares and it was so easy to not have to measure squares without a cut down of excess paper. 

You also get that fuzzy feeling for recycling and not wasting good grounds. 

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