Thursday, 13 February 2014

Five and a Half Finished Ponies

Project: TO.
Format: Silent accordion picture book.
Type: Personal/experimental.
State: Dummy layout and storyboard complete. Line work complete. 

Work Progress: 
All of the line work for TO is now complete! The layout has been cut down into its foundation parts in preparation for photographing and scanning. 

It was a race to finish the line work by the beginning of this week (this post is a little late due to internet issues).  Because of the craziness that is the coming O Week, I will have a fortnight to distance from the drawings so that when the cutting begins my mind will be fresh and able to pick up any mistakes. Resting a project can be important.

Other Progress:
Successful meeting for another horse book project.

Other General: 
Took Mr C for a small 10km ride through the bush. The weather has been lovely and cool lately at only thirty five degrees Celsius. 

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