Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sketching Ponies

Project: TO.
Format: Silent accordion picture book.
Type: Personal/experimental.
State: Dummy layout and storyboard complete. Line work 1/3 complete.

Work Progress:
Yesterday and today worked on the line work for TO. An example can be seen above, which is hosted on my Instagram page under the username: DenLScheer. This section of the layout measures approximately 60cm x 60cm.

Other Work Progress:
Emails. Appointments. Started some lighting reference sculptures. 

Other General:
The usual sunset ride, tonight in the subdivision. 

Mr Charisma has improved, so the vet was not needed and both horses have started on a precautionary course of psyllium husk. You know that stuff in weight loss shakes that swells up in your stomach to stop you eating? We give it to the horses to flush out their gut and stop them getting sick. 

Tomorrow should be a more productive day of work with only one appointment to slow progress. I'd like to get at least half of the layout line work complete. 

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