Monday, 3 February 2014

Printing Ponies

Project: TO.
Format: Silent accordion picture book.
Type: Personal/experimental.
State: Dummy layout and storyboard complete.

Work Progress:
Printed a copy of The Shattering (wt) end pages ready to glue into the dummy book and drew a quarter of the line work for another personal book project called TO for short. 

I have had nothing to do these university holidays except work on book concepts because my parents are lovely. So far I have designed two foldout accordion books and finished the layout draft of one, completed the layout drafts of two other picture books (one thirty-ish pages and the other sixty-ish) and have edited about half of my six year old novel project, which is approx. sixty thousand words from memory and is half illustrated.

It has been a productive six weeks.

Other Work Related:
Booked two advisory meetings for personal book projects. 

Other General: 
Rode Mr Charisma along the train line. He's been a bit sluggish lately and acting out of character under saddle. If he doesn't improve in the next two days I'll have to take to the vet to have his stomach checked. 

Ran with Pan up the hill and was very proud to do a lap of the block without stopping. The hill is so steep that the construction trucks avoid driving up it and I was just about dragging the dog to the top. 

The pain will be worth it when I get to the beach in two weeks.

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