Monday, 24 February 2014

Orientation Ate My Week.

... Sober free time did not exist last week.

Project: The Running Horses.
Format: Silent picture book.
Type: Personal.
State: Pre-print proofing.

Work Progress:
Over the past week I've done little but send emails and stumble around In Design. It's refreshing to do nothing for a while and to actually have a holiday since university broke last year. 

Other Work: 
Mental notes for future reference and some RHA sketches ready for when I get back to work. Completed some collages from newspaper clippings, too. 

Other General:
As the title of the post suggests, university orientation ate my week.

Last week I volunteered at my college to help the Residential Student's Club, of which I was Liaison Officer last year, settle the freshers. Basically the task involves G rated bonding activities, city and university tours and shopping trips because everyone always forgets to bring something when they move in.

Some of the events of the week included:
- Wing combat (a variation of 'capture the flag' but with two hundred people running around in the dark that resulted in many blue hand prints on the newly constructed white wing walls),
- Wing Quidditch,
- UWA O-Day (university club sign up day),
- Movie screenings in the roof top gardens,
- A galaxy themed college party including a silent disco and
- A water slide as long as the college courtyard.

To name a few things.

I've set up my room ready for university which personally starts at the beginning of March. At the moment I'm at home in the country preparing for my twenty first birthday party this weekend. My calendar is a blur at the moment, with too many events and not enough time yet to let them sink in.

Everything is at a lovely level of chaos. 

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