Sunday, 2 February 2014

Shattered End Pages

Project: The Shattering (working title).
Format: Silent picture book.
Type: Personal/competition.
State: Dummy layout and storyboard complete. 

Work Progress: 
Finished drawing and colouring the end page dummy for The Shattering. After compiling the storyboard of the other finished draft illustrations, I realised that I had forgotten to design this part of the project. It was frustrating to discover, though, that the layout cannot compete in the competition it was designed for because the images are full colour drafts and not finished pieces. 

'But wouldn't that information be in the terms and conditions section of the competition?' you may be asking.

It was, under the guise of 'layout'. The distinction between 'draft' and 'final' was available not on the official website and not on the contact page the refused to load, but on the competition's Facebook page under an acknowledgement of closing announcement. 

As a side note, good grammar does not exist in angry ranting. 

Other Work Related: 
Moved my drafting board into my studio/bedroom and prepped for work tomorrow. The format I will be working with involves a lot of tape tabbing. Actually, the entire thing is held together by tape.

Other General: 
Recovered from a friend of a friend's twenty first birthday party in the hills then drove home, which engulfed the morning. I witnessed the sunset from the back of my roan pony as we galloped along the train line and relaxed to half an episode of BBC Sherlock.

Only half and episode. I am afraid that if I begin watching whole episodes of Sherlock that I will like it and watch it and therefore not get any work done before university starts up again and orientation week ruins my liver. 


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