Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Currently revamping my websites and blogs and rebranding my illustration and fine art.

Stay tuned !!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Exam Setup Process: Sem 2. 2014 BA Fine Arts

Unit: Art Project 392
Period: Semester 2. 2014
Exam Number 1

The objective of the mid semester exam  is to gain as much useful feedback as possible from your tutors and peers by displaying relevant pieces of your portfolio for scrutiny. 

I set up my Go Pro to photograph the hanging process, a selective exercise since you can lose marks for a lapse in judgement by showing irrelevant pieces. My exams were planned ahead of time in regards to works and layout, but all research had to be present. In a standard exam layout, you have between half and hour to an hour to set up, depending on the unit. 

The wall photographed shows the development of the concertina book, Targets Only. 

Maybe I'll  have to take a few photos of each section and detail what was involved. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Record Cover Sketches of Targets Only

Did you know...

Vinyll record covers are approximately 30 x 30 cm and that grey artist linoleum is sold in the exact same size?

How convenient.

Back in 2013 I co-project managed a Grease themed valedictory for the first semester at St Catherine's College, UWA. At the Midland Good Sammy's I bought a stack of records for $1 AUD each. Promptly we destroyed them, dunking the vinyll in warm water to fold them into menu holders and decorations for the ceiling and photo booth. 

As a supply hoarding arts student I kept all of the sleeves and cut them in half. The entire of my Targets Only concertina book was drafted on these squares and it was so easy to not have to measure squares without a cut down of excess paper. 

You also get that fuzzy feeling for recycling and not wasting good grounds. 

UPDATE: Diary of a Lost Near-Graduate

Without university to schedule your world for you adapting to the real world is like a hard kick up the butt. Fortunately I have one unit to wean me off my academic overlords, but its still taking some time to get useful. The lack of graduate jobs has really hit my friends hard and I understand where they are coming from now. It just takes so much time to scramble grant applications and other work orders together.

And I have a new donga.

If you don't know what a donga is, it is a brilliant, beautiful thing of cheap Australian construction.

So between moving, overcoming a small bout of dodgy diet induced fatigue, realising how much paper work eats your life and learning how to economically get out of bed in the morning, things are going ok.

But more to come on that later. A couple things are in the pipeline as prep. for the second half of this year. Should be a riot.