Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Brighter Purple Pony Prints

A sample Photoshop brush experiment completed in anticipation of adapting the new CMYK register to my illustrations.

Project: The Running Horses (RHP).
Format: Picture Book.  
Type: Experimental. 
State: Colour Corrections.

Work Progress:

I think I have found the most economical way to convert the old CMYK colour values to the new ones. I have a breakdown of the different stages hidden somewhere on my laptop... 

I just want the editing process issues to stop and get the book in print as soon as possible. It is just starting to become difficult to maintain my work/university balance, even though I'm not under a contract. This month was saturated with birthdays and early semester university parties though, so in comparison April appears pleasantly open. 

Other Work Progress:
University is just starting to escalate, disregarding the fact that I lose a week due to a tour coming up. 

Art Project: I have changed my project proposal to engage more with light refraction rather than representing aura headaches. In pretext this is an improvement because I get to break and build things and play with mildly toxic crystals. That's the plan, anyway. 

Printmaking: For an exhausting class we each had to produce twenty unique prints of a single plate. I think I made thirty, but I'd like to rework most of them into collages or snake accordion books. I'll probably cheat and use some of those prints for homework, which involves resolving five considered prints to show in class next week. 

Short Fiction: The pre-summer storm weather made the class a bit of the struggle but the exercises were very useful. One involved inventing character names and developing a biography based on the tropes of the name. 

The other exercise was to write two versions of an introductory paragraph:
1. Using a narrator to introduce the developed character.
2. Using the perspective of another character to introduce the developed character. 

There is some jargon that identifies these methods but I've forgotten them. 

Other General:
Had a week of birthday benders so it is very exciting to sleep through lunch (student problems). Tonight I went to a screening of a charity-movie-fundraiser-event that I'll have to save for another post. 

The Paintings of Judy Millar

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Intaglio and Re-Colouring a Dark Horse

Project: The Running Horses (RHP).
Format: Picture Book.  
Type: Experimental. 
State: Colour Corrections.

Work Progress:
Had a meeting with my printer to sort out the colour problems of the layout. I've settled on a four colour (CMYK) reference to adapt the layout to, called Pantone 669CP. Now that my replacement laptop battery has arrived, I'll reconfigure one illustration as a control to send to the publisher. 

Original values of my layout:
C: 85
Y: 82
M: 65
K: 82

New values of my layout:
C: 87
Y: 97
M: 8
K: 49

I'll just need to experiment with the most economical way to adjust the colour on all of the illustrations. Above is a sample of how different the two colour configurations are. The left half is the old CMYK value and the right is the new CMYK value. 

Other Work Progress:
University stuff, but more on that tomorrow. 

Other General:
Sleep. Had a week of birthday benders so it's so exciting to sleep through lunch. 

The Bichos of Lygia Clark