Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A (late) December 2012 update

November was a busy month but a fun one no less! The crew filmed the Fallout: Lanius Promo and the movie itself over two periods with about a week break in between. During this time I was visiting Melbourne for the Young Australian Artists and Writers Awards which has grown substantially after last year. It was my pleasure to present two awards at the event, as well as to relax over a drink with some of the attendees afterwards. Thanks to Rob Leonard at the Children's Charity Network for the wonderful night.

Regarding Fallout:Lanius, from what I saw on that little screen on the camera side that the director can stare at the footage looked beautiful. Everyone on the crew was lovely and a pleasure to work with and I can't wait for the promo and final cut to be released, the latter in 2013 from what I know at the moment. Thankyou especially to Wade K. Savage, the director, for having me on the crew and for being a great boss (and for a great wrap party), but also to Alana, my HOD, for putting up with me and allowing me the opportunity to work on this lovely film.

January update!

Why have there been no posts lately? Well, living in Australia with the immense heat and lack of stable powerlines, ours blew up and started a grass fire on the property and since then out internet connection has been a bit sketchy. I have a December update that has not yet been editted to upload about the wrapping of Fallout:Lanius filming and some new info about the movie including some magazine interviews and spreads. Between that time and now I have completed 20 drawings for Fallout: Lanius including set concepts and layout, costume samples of the legionaires and tribals, armour and prop schematics as well as a moleskin full of on-set notes. The plan is to release these gradually with Wade's (our lovely director's) blessing.