Sunday, 30 September 2012

This blog is not dead.

This morning my publisher sent me a link to another Beech Forest feature:

which gave me the prompt I needed to get the blog active again. Several things have come up to cause this blog to not receive an appropriate amount of attention from myself including not only university (which finishes in two weeks for hte year) but a few other projects as well.

Recently I've done some designs for Fallout: Lanius, a fan-movie based on the game Fallout New Vegas, but more on that later. I had also promised myself to finish the current novel I was working on, but instead, last night, planned another one. In consequence there is a lot of art work lying around to be photographed or scanned and uploaded here, most of it sculpture work from university.

This week on Friday, Oct. 5, I'll be signing copies of In the Beech Forest at Dymocks in Fremantle, 129 High st. Mall, so if you're in the area please come along!