Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fallout:Lanius Tribal Women art

With the blessing of Wade K. Savage my concept/set sketches for Fallout: Lanius can now be released! The above drawing is from a set for the Tribal Women and has been released on the Fallout: Lanius facebook page but not yet quite on my deviantart account due to software issues. Please head over to the Fallout: Lanius facebook page to let us know which design is your favourite.

Regarding the schedule for posting more art, orientation week for university starts tomorrow and as a member of my college's student body there is a week of craziness ahead that I cannot avoid. On a lighter note I've just upgraded to Photoshop CS6 so when the chaos of orientation calms down there will certainly be more art uploaded on this blog, my deviantart account and on the Fallout: Lanius sites. I will be making a facebook page specifically for my art when I can catch a break too.

As always, you can find more information on the Fallout: Lanius movie at: and!/FalloutLanius.