Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Intaglio and Re-Colouring a Dark Horse

Project: The Running Horses (RHP).
Format: Picture Book.  
Type: Experimental. 
State: Colour Corrections.

Work Progress:
Had a meeting with my printer to sort out the colour problems of the layout. I've settled on a four colour (CMYK) reference to adapt the layout to, called Pantone 669CP. Now that my replacement laptop battery has arrived, I'll reconfigure one illustration as a control to send to the publisher. 

Original values of my layout:
C: 85
Y: 82
M: 65
K: 82

New values of my layout:
C: 87
Y: 97
M: 8
K: 49

I'll just need to experiment with the most economical way to adjust the colour on all of the illustrations. Above is a sample of how different the two colour configurations are. The left half is the old CMYK value and the right is the new CMYK value. 

Other Work Progress:
University stuff, but more on that tomorrow. 

Other General:
Sleep. Had a week of birthday benders so it's so exciting to sleep through lunch. 

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