Thursday, 13 March 2014

Eavesdropping on Free Coffee.

Project: The Running Horses (RHP).
Format: Picture Book.  
Type: Experimental. 
State: Proof Checks.

Work Progress:
Booked a meeting with the publisher for tomorrow morning to sort out some technical difficulties, both local and with the printers internationally. There's some colour, ink and text issues to sort out. 

For example, the picture above demonstrates the primary issue of colour. When I was editing the layout on my laptop, the illustrations appeared to be a dark purple but on the printer's computer the CMYK list registers as black. This is an issue because:

1. The files will need to be tweaked to a new CMYK list,
2. According to the printer, the excessive ink required to print black or a dark, solid colour could flood the paper or cause the register to stretch during the printing,
3. And my laptop is dysfunctional due to a dead battery and the replacement won't arrive for another day, or worse, after the weekend. I won't be able to show the publisher the colour of the layout as described on my laptop.

Other Work Progress:
I've been booked for a new tour in a couple weeks, but more on that closer to the date. I've designed some new RHA layouts, too, which have been sent to my advisors. I'm not sure how much they can do with dodgy iPad photos, but they'll have to suffice until my laptop is fixed. There's a few more pages to do yet.

University is starting to pick up with a significant assignment due on Monday and a decent amount of homework to present in classes for next week. It's a bit startling to realise how significant broken/missing things can be in disturbing you practice schedule. On top of everything hitting the fan yesterday, it feels like my week has flown by unproductively, even though I have been working. 
I did manage some homework though. Besides researching art jargon for my assignment due Monday,  I camped out a cafe in Claremont to do two Short Fiction Assignments:

1. Eavesdrop on a stranger's conversation and record it to bring to class next week,
2. Observe and note a stranger, then make up a two page long fictional life for them.

Got a free coffee too, which perked up the day. 

Other General:

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