Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fallout: Lanius Sketches

Working with the sets, props and costumes of Fallout: Lanius, I was presented with the opportunity to study how each object was constructed. One of my jobs on set was to help maintain the contents of those departments and I could not help but make some drawings when filming ended. 

There were several tattoo designs for the tribal men which were applied by the makeup department. One night after shooting I scribbled some designs in my Moleskin, a couple taken from the ones the makeup dept. developed. 

Using a mixture of my assistant's hair extensions and a series of wigs and dusters, I was able to make the plumes of the helmet. The hair was stiffened using layers of PVA, paint and hair spray.

Below is a set sketch from one of the quarries Fallout: Lanius was shot in.

The beauty of the bomb collar was in the detail. It was a clean and simple rig based on a pin system. 

The Vaulter was featured in the teaser for Fallout: Lanius, which can be viewed of YouTube. This watercolour is a sketch of the costume.

More artwork can be viewed at my website
or on Facebook (the page not profile), Twitter or Instagram under the name DenLScheer.

Fallout: Lanius will be released on the 27th of August 2013 on Youtube. More information on the film can be found at the Fallout: Lanius Facebook page or on my website.

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