Friday, 9 May 2014

Laptop is no Longer Dead and Diseased.

Project: The Running Horses (RHP).

Format: Picture Book.  

Type: Experimental. 

State: Pre-Launch Marketting/Media Development.

My laptop is alive again! For the past two weeks the poor thing has displayed chronic cartoon cookie pornography when ever I have accessed the internet or it has had no charge to work. I have replaced the charger cable that I left at my country home, had my laptop serviced and now everything runs as it should. 

I am very behind on posting/photo editing/university WIP (work in progress) documentation, so the weekend should be two days of pleasant process work.

Work Progress:

According to my publisher's schedule, the printing of The Running Horses should have concluded this week ready for binding next week. In the down time I've just been researching media campaign strategies and suppliers for promotional materials such as posters, postcards and banners. By not producing any physical materials, I've been presented with the chance to meet with friends and hear their feedback on my ideas. Everything seems positive so far. 

Other Work Progress - University

Art Project:
I forgot about an exam worth 35%. 
Long story short, I found a later slot to take and was marked. Somehow managed a Distinction. Full post on that soon!. 

Collaging. It eats time.  

Short Fiction:
Preparing for a mock workshop in class concerning a 2000-3000 word short story. This is the one unit that I continue to neglect and if I don't get onto it soon it will bite me on the arse. 

Other General: 

In short I've partied most of the week away, for a few reasons:
1. I'm in denial about exam season starting soon. 
2. The Brazillians on exchange are in denial of leaving at the end of the semester. 

Monday was a lost day due to my forgotten exam. The stress was so sudden that it messed with my arrhythmia and I had to drink myself to sleep, starting at four pm. I do not promote binge drinking (since the hangover, in my opinion, is not worth it) but alcohol is a very good depressant. It settled my heart enough that I could sleep without coughing or constant gasping.  

Tuesday was a uni day followed by the Electronic Music Appreciation Society of UWA (EMAS UWA) quiz night, held at the university's Tav. It involved fancy dress, pizza, free jugs of beer, very alcoholic prizes, Youtube moshing cat videos, a customary pantsless dance to Eagle Rock and of course, a quiz to live electronica and dubstep mixes. 

A field trip to Fremantle occupied the most of Wednesday. I toured some of the local galleries and collected art cards to write on for my SF class before a night spent sober. 

Thursday  involved working on university and book things. Between eleven thirty at night and four am in the morning some friends and I raved at The Presets concert afterparty. I think I fell asleep around five because I could not come down from the bass, instead playing SNES Mario. 

Today (Friday) was a day of recovery and sorting out the stacks of paper that are my university notes. My room is in the perfect state for The Floor is Lava. Whilst drafting this post I had planned to sleep early and make tomorrow a productive day but my fellow collegians have other ideas. Tonight was the intercollege ball and the theatre next to me is now a rave.

If you can't silence them then party on with them!

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