Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sketchbook 012: Drypoint Horse Composition Tests

I've made these small drypoints as studies for an upcoming monoprint/drypoint layering exercise. None of these drypoints are larger than A4. 

Above are prints made from the same drypoint plate.
I haven't decided which side is the top yet. 

This plate was the first I printed in the series and
highlighted the problems I'd have with the burs.
The above print clearly shows where the ink has bled out onto the paper. 

Here is ghost print of the above proof.
It clearly shows which areas were absent or flooded with ink.
 This information is useful in adapting your scrimming technique
 to the individual plate to produce the best print possible. 

After a while I figured out how to print the burs properly.
Because the burs are so high, once the plate was scrimmed
I needed to wipe each line individually to remove any excess ink.
Normally this isn't necessary in inking a drypoint plate.

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