Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Growing Crystals at College: Day 1

Get ready for a long series of posts!

Here begins some of the process documentation I had to provide during my exam for Art Project last semester at university. Each day of copper sulfate crystal growth will be separate from the next because there are heaps of photos to show. The entire collection had to be bound into two separate books for my presentation, disregarding the extra book for the crystals grown at home. 

I 'declared' the ME Theater balcony as my new work space with a warning sign (safety first) and established a set up to grow my copper sulfate crystals. 

A sample of the first tests I grew at home using copper sulfate. These have been varnished and left to dry on the balcony (varnish fumes aren't nice). 

Balsa wood soaked in a copper sulfate solution. 

Detail view of the copper sulfate soaked balsa. 

Four glasses with copper sulfate solution. 

Cockroaches, especially dead ones, are very common in my college's suburb. It was an opportunity to test whether copper sulfate would grown on organic matter. 

Three plastic plates, found abandoned in a kitchenette. 

Fibre glass was tested as a frame for the copper sulfate crystals to grow on. 

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