Monday, 7 April 2014

GIGER'S RETROSPECTIVE: Gran accused me of making her order Pornography.

My gran bought me this book for my birthday and it has just arrived in the post from Esperance.
My mother apparently got an angry phone call from her accusing me of all sorts of things, because gran had decided to thumb through the book before sending it to me.

I didn't realise that the book would include some of Giger's erotomechanic art works.


I thought that that might be a pleasant story to share with you, dear reader.


What I find particularly interesting about RETROSPECTIVE is how generous it is regarding Giger's working processes and inspirational triggers. As an example, it describes the process that the artist uses with ink and a sieve to create some of his early drawings before his discovery of the airbrush.

I am a long term fan of Giger so I do not need much justification to won one of his portfolios, but the amount of technical information in this publication was a pleasant surprise. 

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