Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Running Horses is in Print!

Project: The Running Horses (RHP).
Format: Picture Book.  
Type: Experimental. 
State: IN PRINT!!!!

Work Progress: The Running Horses was signed off yesterday and now the picture book is in print! 

Other Work Progress:
In preparation for a finalised layout, I've taped some RHA format variations together.

  • Short Fiction: I've found an old draft from 2008 to revisit for the unit. We need to produce a 2000-3000 word short story for the next assignment and I think this piece is viable to revisit and adapt.
  • Art Project: The preparation work for the first round of crystal growing is complete.
  • Printmaking: I'm working on some large plates, hopefully 1.5m x 1m, with the horses. 

Other General:
I've realised that I need to start making templates for each day to blog with. I usually want to write a post but get distracted with some other form of work or simply fall asleep (chronic fatigue can do that a lot). 

Besides that, I've just been riding the horses and trying to get my brain out of holiday mode ready for the next half of the university semester. 

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