Thursday, 10 April 2014

Notebook 002: Writing Short Fiction

Currently I'm developing a short story that's due on Friday. This is a little character sketch of Pandora's clothes, which feature as a part of her physical description in the text.

Her full name- Pandora Lillian Collier - arose from an in class exercise involving making character names and exploiting their connotations.

The squiggle on the left is a note-to-self about using the resonating sound of her shoes as a mechanic to describe the rest of the room she enters. 

As homework, everyone in the class had to eavesdrop on a conversation and make note of a sentence to be reworked during class time. The list to the left shows the snippets we collected. All of the circled ones were developed into a narrative, as seen on the right page. 

I got bored during the lesson again and began cutting my pages into triangles. My tutor was not amused. She's not a bad teacher- I just have a short attention span and can easily become destructive.

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